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通过阅读英语笑话、故事等趣味英语,可以激发小朋友们学英语的兴趣,提高单词量,帮助他们提高成绩。最好每天背一篇,会有不错的效果的 O(∩_∩)O


A child was careless Ramie stabbed, he rushed home and told his mother: "I only lightly Pengyi what, it was my painful thorns." Mom said: "Because of this, it will thorn you. if the next time you met Ramie, to a

courageous and seize it, it will be in your hands become soft as silk, you will no longer be stabbed. "


A build Carpenter to come forward to advocate the use of bricks as a resist material; a carpenter decided to propose to the enemy using wood is the best method; a cobbler, stood up and said: "Gentlemen, I do not agree with your views and I think that as resist material, as no better than what Paper. " 这是说,人们都习惯于从自身角度考虑问题,总认为自己所熟悉的东西是最好的。

It is said that people are accustomed to from their own point of view, the view that they are familiar with what is the best. An old man was gathering

sticks in a forest.

At last he grew very tired and hopeless. He threw down all the sticks and cried out, "I cannot bear this life any longer. Ah, I wish Death would come and take me!"

As he spoke, Death appeared, and said to him, "What would you do, old man? I heard you call me."

"Please, sir," replied the old man, "would you help me lift this bundle of sticks up to my shoulder?"








In the last years of the Warring States period, the State of Qin attacked the State of Wei on a large scale repeatedly and occupied large areas of land, for the State of Wei was too weak to defend itself. In 273 B.B., the qin army launched another attack upon the State of Wei with a momentum more vigorous than ever.


The king of the State of Wei summoned his officials,and asked with a worried look if anyone could propose a way to defeat the Qin army. After years of chaos caused by the wars,the officials trembled when fighting was mentioned, and no one dared to speak ofresistance. At the critical moment when a large enemy force was bearing down upon the border, most of the offinials persuaded the king to sue for peace, at the cost of giving away to the State of Qin the large area of land north of the Huanghe River and south of the Taihang Mountain.


However Su Dai, a counsellor, did not agree. He hurried up to the king and said:"Your Majesty, they don't think about the interests of the country at all.It is just because they are cowardly and afraid of death that they ask you to sue for peace by betraying the country. Of course you can temperarily satisfy the ambition of the king of the State of Qin is insatiably greedy. It will never stop assaulting us until our land is totally given away.


"Once there was a man whose house was on fire. People told him to put out the fire with water, but he would not listen. Instead, he carried a faggot to put out the fire, only to make the fire fiercer. That was because he didn't know that,instead of putting out the fire, faggots could only make it burning

more vigorously. Isn't it equivalent to carrying faggots to put out a fire if you agree to sue for peace at the cost of the land of the State of Wei?" 说到这里,苏代讲了一个故事:从前有一个人,他的房子起火了,别人劝他快用水去浇灭大火,但他不听,偏抱起一捆柴草去救火,是因为他不懂得柴草不但不能灭火反而能助长火势的道理。大王若同意拿着魏国土地去求和,不就等于抱着柴草救火吗?”

Though Su Dai's argument was very convincing, the king accepted the suggestion of those officials and gave away to the State of Qin a large area of the land of the State of Wei. For the king of the State of Wei was cowardly and only cared for peace at the moment.As might be expected,the Qin army assaulted the State of Wei on a large scale in 225 B.C.,surrounding the capital city Daliang and flooding it by digging open the dykes of the Huanghe River.The State of Wei was finally destroyed by the State of Qin.This story appears in the Historical Records Written by Sima Qian.


寓 意

The set phrase"carrying faggots to put out a fire"is used to mean adopting a wrong method to save a situation and ending up by making it worse. 成语“抱薪救火”比喻用错误的方法去消灭祸害,结果反而使祸害扩大。

Once in the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280), the duke of the Wei, Cao Rui, planed to select a very capable man to work for him. He said to his ministers: 'When choosing a talented person, always beware of one with a false reputation. A false reputation is just like a picture of a cake; it can' t ease hunger.' 三国时代魏国的皇帝曹睿,准备选拔一个有才能的人到朝廷来做官。曹睿对他的大臣说:“选择人才,不能光找有虚名的人。虚名好像是画的一块饼,只能看,不能解决肚子饥饿的问题啊!”



Later, this idiom came to be used to mean comforting oneself with unrealistic thoughts, without solving practical problems.

Fisherman who dragnet, feel very heavy, they danced for joy, thinking that this suddenly catch a lot of fish.


the network pulled the shore, network full of stones and other things, not a fish.


They are very Yusang, did not catch fish inverted worth mentioning at all uncomfortable with the fact that they expected the opposite is true. 他们十分懊丧,没捕到鱼倒也罢,难受的是事实与他们所预想的正好相反。

One of them elderly fisherman said: "friends, not sadness, joy and pain together total, they like a sister. Advance happy we have, and now had to endure the pain a little bit."


寓 意




No Ready-made Fruit in God’s Hand

Three guys finally got the God through trials and errors. They were eager to ask God for help. Right after the God asked what they want, the first man claim a big courtyard, the second a farmstead, and the third a bar of gold. God promised them. At last, the first man was given a pile of bricks, the second a bag of seed and the third a mass of sand.





Worm’s Pressure

This is a worm whose body is no less than one millimeter. It is called 熊虫(XC) perhaps for the reason that it looks like a black bear under the microscop. The XC usually habited in the slurry of fresh water, wet soil and the 水膜 of moss plants. Recently, there was an amazing news discovered by 日本冈山大学物理学家小野文久: when 20 little XC were placed in a sealed container under the 7.5 万个大气压 making in experiment condition, there were only two died and the other 18 have no trouble at all. 7.5 万个大气压, equal to over 700 kilogram stress per square meter, which is powerful enough to它足以上淀粉瞬间变性 and the rice ready to eat. In natural condition, this pressure can only be found in the 地幔 beneath the earth 180 kilogram.

Till now, nobody have an idea about the tolerance of XC. Someone also call it worm of hell out of admiration or suspicion. A worm, with its length less than one

millimeter, is able to bear so heavy stress. Comparatively, we human beings, the so-called advanced animal, wisdom and genius of all, can do that? In our real lives, so much little minds, little stress has made up our living stress. How many pessimistic and disappointed people compare the beautiful life to the miserable hell under this pressure? By comparing, I suddenly realized that our stress is just like the vacuum and the hell is the heaven in heaven. At that moment, I made a bow in my mind. Not for XC, but for the freedom of this stress in the world made by the creator.






The Meaning of Wane on the Skyscraper

珀金森‘s rule of business office is : the more perfect designed and more luxury the decoration cornament is, the nearer to its deadline.

He found out that many profitable business companies were all placed at some not so eye-catching locations and in the shady houses. Ever since moved into luxury mansions, these companies may led to its last day/wither away. For example, religious institutions such as 圣彼得教堂、罗马教堂、梵蒂冈教堂, were built from the park of power, and at the exact time, their religious power become weak and even bad fortunes by them.

If 珀金森 know Chinese history, then he may find more proofs like 阿房宫,秦始皇陵. I am wondering that why those architecture well-know as luxury al because the ―tomb‖ of their bodies?

With scientific spirit, 珀金森 showed us his inference: when an institution is prosperous than never, it was too busy to design and build mansion with enough time and energy, while all key work done and considering to build a large building comparable to its achievements, its time and energy were concentrated on those superficial stuffs. When the design and building work of a constitution was about to complete, it has began to lose its meaning. 完美我的楼堂意味着这定局,而定居意






Facing the Reality in Silence

The truest and most expressive thought was hardly be expressed.

We all face it alone in silence to the most important thing in life. We can talk occasionally about love, loneliness, happiness, miseries, death and so on, but the true meaning is hard to deliver by words. I cannot tell others how gentle my love is; how desperate my loneliness is; my enjoyable happiness is; how depressive my miseries is; how ridiculous my death is. I have no choice but to hide then deeply in my heart. All what I said and wrote but the product of thinking, while thinking, to some extend, is a kind of escape which from the particular to general, fate to life and the abyss of silence to the bank of language. If they have not become pure/solely and abstract idea, it is merely because they have newly struggled out from the silence and with something hard to tell in their bodies.

I am not to deny the possibility of communication between human beings, but the condition. It is silence, instead of words. 美特林克 had an excellent explanation: the nature of silence tells the nature of one‘s soul. There is no any words may have a possibility to make a communication between their soul if the two cannot share the same silence. To those who have not solved the same questions in silence, even

profound philosophy is only some polite formulas. In fact, those superficial reader have no ability to identify the profound philosophy and abstract thoughts, proverb and polite formulas, philosophy and 老生常谈, insipid/prosaic and commonplace, the knowledge of Buddha dharma and deceitful trick. One‘s ability in words comprehension is based on his understanding to silence and eternally based on his silence; that is his capacity of soul. Therefore, I insist that the lesson of one who is determined to seek the life philosophy is silence----to face his important problem of sale in silence. Until he has enough accumulation and too tires to bear, all windows opened to him. This is the way that he not only understands the limited words, but also the unlimited information behind the silence of words.










All Slopes are Easy to Go

He was a professor. At the age of 90, he still work eight hours everyday regardless the season and weather.

His secretary said: ―He is extremely old, but he forced himself walk from his living place to office through two blocks. It would take him an hour, but he insisted to because it makes him get a sense of success. ‖

The other day, an university student step out from his office with a pile of books. He complained emotionally: ―He is always this man. He may answer me just with ‗yes‘ or ‗no‘ to my question. However, he always gave me dozens of books and suggests me to find the answer. ‖

Later, he knew what this student complained. He told with smile: ―This is the method I have learnt, a hard and troublesome way. If that kid could make full use of those books, he might know his question and maybe a good lawyer in the future.‖

This 90-year-old man was 庞德, who was the president of law college in Haward University.

Once a philosophist said: ―You should do some thing that you don not want to

every one or two days.‖

This is the foundation of life progress.

Just like another phlosophist said: ―all slopes are easy to go. ‖





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